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About The Designer

Debra Idso

My inspirations come from many different sources. Movies, magazine spreads, books on designers. In particular, among others: Balenciaga, French bridal fashion, Nichole Kidman, or Resident Evil: Afterlife's Jovovich's costume.

As a wedding gown designer I don't confine myself to traditional materials, often contrasting them with unusual choices of textures and textile. such as leather or metal (or both?!) with a flowing silk shantung swirling behind her. Or a stone washed denim affair for a completely different look. And then there's the cream crushed velvet with washed silk crepe for a more traditional style.

I'm all for the traditional as well as the avante garde. What's important is the bride expressing her Self through the most important dress she'll ever wear. It's one thing for me to design a dress for a show to display the art of my soul, but to help someone design their bridal gown; to know someone will be wearing your work on a very special day is the most gratifying to the artistic nature inside of me.



 My creations reflect my passion for detail. With over 30 years of experience designing wedding gowns and formal attire, I also devote myself to restoring heirloom gowns from weddings past.  Educated at Seattle's Central Community College in Fashion Design, I studied with their last couture class, and designed twenty years for Victoria's Bridal Couture in Seattle and have clients around the country and world wide. 

Respected Clients

· Gail Gardner, daughter of Governor Booth Gardner

· Linda Hilliard, wife of sports newscaster Lou Gellos

· Julie Lee, reporter for Channel 13 Fox

· Kari Kazarba, Channel 13 Fox anchor woman


Voted "Best Seamstress" in Seattle Weekly's 1989 "Best of Seattle" poll and my designs have adorned the finale spotlight on the bridal catwalks of Seattle since. I'm an avid gardener, writer and artist, spins fiber and raises alpacas. My studio, home and farm is located in Lake Stevens, Washington.


A wedding gown is a woman's ultimate dress;

Spiritual, imperial, romantic, emotional and powerful.

It embodies a woman's spirit and is expressive of her inner being.